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Tree down? Need it removed? Don’t Trust Just Anyone. Complete tree removal is our specialty with quick and reliable stump removal and tree trimming.

Our Committment

Here at Tree Inc. LLC we are committed to providing unmatched quality customer services. This is because we put customer satisfaction at a high priority.  We are well equipped with 60’ bucket beside other efficient equipment to ensure we effectively and safely execute our tasks. Our skilled crew has many years of experience and the owner Steve Samluk is always present working with the rest of the staff to ensure quality services are rendered. With 10 years of experience, you can be assured of a great job being done at your place. As a company, we are fully licensed and insured to offer the following tree services:


Complete Tree Removals

At Tree Inc, we can completely remove any type of tree. Regardless of the location, it is by the use of our 60’ bucket truck. Our skilled climber will carefully remove the tree, branch by branch.

Here are the reasons why you might what to completely remove a tree:

•Dangerous circumstances caused by dead, diseased or dying trees

•A tree in which its roots begin growing under a house foundation

•Construction/additions to your home

•Obstruction of desired views

Whenever you experience such cases, be free to ask Tree Inc. LLC for help. We will be there at your service.

Stump Grinding/Removal
After cutting down a tree, the thought of removing the stump causes some kind of laziness. There is hope for you anyway. Whether you got an existing stump you like to be removed or you want it to be gotten rid of together with the tree, Tree Inc is ready to do that. With our quality equipment, removing the tree stump will not take much time. We specialize in removing and grinding tree stumps.
Land clearing/Tree lopping

This is the process of removing areas of trees next to other obstructions to ensure commencement of construction. To do this, you need a qualified company to execute that task at hand. Tree Inc., LLC is well suited for this job. With its quality equipment, you can go ahead with your development on land smoothly. As a developer of properties, you can feel free to approach us for our services. Especially when you want to kickstart your construction of apartments but there are trees and obstructions crippling your undertaking. We are ready to offer our complete assistance.

Tree Trimming

It is with no doubt that trees are very important in beautifying our compounds. Therefore, for them to keep making our homes look excellent always, trimming is so vital to them. Buying equipment to carry out this service is quite expensive. The most affordable way of ensuring that service is fulfilled is to hire a reputable tree trimming company with the right machinery for the job. Tree Inc.,LLC is well aware of problems residents go through when it comes to tree trimming. It has tree trimming equipment that you can enjoy its services at a reduced cost. Whenever you are in need of tree trimming, you can always consult with us.


Emergency Tree Services

Storms cause damages to trees, and the result is the destruction of property. This is because, during storms, trees are likely to fall on property causing some serious damages and losses.  To remove these trees, you really need efficient equipment. Tree Inc., LLC, has this equipment for the job. Therefore, you can always count on us whenever such tragedy strikes. Since you are our priority, we will make sure we respond to all emergency that our services require. Satisfying our customers is our greatest endeavor and we are committed to it.


Snow Plowing

Tree Inc., LLC is also licensed to carry out snow plowing during winter periods. This might come in handy when you want to plow during winter. Besides plowing we also do complete salt applications. Therefore, do call us to receive absolutely free estimations for your property. At the moment we hold contracts for different businesses for instance churches, schools, and medical centers. So, whenever you need these services, feel free to contact us.


Residents in our service areas will receive a quick response from us.  Contact 302-757-3303 to schedule your free estimate.

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At Tree Inc., LLC we have your needs at heart. We promise to give you unmatched and quality services. We are always here to help.

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Information about Wilmington, DE


The city of Wilmington, Delaware, is the biggest city in the state, and fifth of the biggest ones in the U.S. – by population. Located on the western bank of the Delaware River, it was established almost 400 years ago by the very first Swedish community to set foot in The New World, Wilmington today has grown to become one of the biggest cities in the whole metropolitan area of the Delaware Valley.


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The people of Wilmington fullWilmy enjoy the unusual combination of old and new architecture and lifestyle, on one side the old residential buildings placed around 11 different historic districts, and on the other the city’s 42 residential neighborhoods. The mix of historic feelings with the excitement of the fast prosperity of the city is what makes it kind of special place to visit, but also to live in.

And while the size of it would suggest a non-stop bustling traffic and cold, industrial feeling in the air, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The streets are not just miles-long boring lanes and walking around to get stuff done feels like moving around in a compact city.

The colorful neighborhoods and urban residential areas offer comfortable life, with all the necessities within walking distance. The city even built what’s currently its most popular location, The Riverfront, by re-purposing an old industrial area.

The comfortable environment offers something for everybody. The Trolley Square, the Market Street, and the Union Street are always inviting the food enthusiasts by hosting a fast-growing neighborhood of countless of restaurants. There’s also an enormous area devoted just for parks, leaving little to no room for boredom or laziness. Walmart is conveniently located right next to Biden Park, and Bank of America sits across the street from Rodney Square and nearby the DuPont hotel.

The convenient location of the city – halfway between two of the most important cities in the U.S., Washington DC and New York – makes it an important business and tourist connection in the area.

The city owes its economic significance, fast development and stable journey in the future to its proud tradition of promoting diverse
cultures, lifestyles, and demographics. And this is probably the key factor making Wilmington such an attractive place, both for living and business. So attractive, actually, that it is a favorite corporate base-location for many of the Fortune 500 member-companies.

In fact, names like Amazon, DuPont, Bank of America, Walmart, Comcast, Siemens are among the biggest employers in the city. DuPont even placed their headquarters here. The business-friendly environment of the State of Delaware, in combination with the accessibility of the city itself, boosted its status to business and financial center of the state.

Many other major businesses hold popular locations within the city, but the rapid growth of the credit card industry in combination with
the analytical expertise of the local workforce enabled Wilmington to survive the Great Recession without major consequences. The city is doing quite well actually, nothing more than 3% unemployment rate drop in the last 5 years.

And just as a bonus credit, again due to the very friendly business politics and generous business incentives of the state of Delaware,
Wilmington has proven to be a successful business center by hosting some of the most promising startups today.

However, it’s not all business. Tourists and travelers will be treated with some really specific and unique places and structures. The
300-year old Swedes Church, for example, is one of the city’s most iconic building, not only due to the fact that it’s old, but it is actually still being used today.

The cultural places and events also can’t be forgotten. Places like Live Nation at the Queen, The Grand Opera House and the Delaware Museum of Art are the pillars of cultural enrichment within the city. Each summer, the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival takes place on Rodney Square and provides a whole week of pleasure in high-quality Jazz sounds.

There is one more summer festival taking place on the Riverfront area, and it’s called The People’s Festival. An interesting fact about this music festival is that it is actually a tribute to the reggae-ska legend Bob Marley, who at one point in his life lived in Wilmington, where his son was born as well.