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Everybody loves being in a clean, beautiful and fresh compound. There’s no better welcome to a home that a walk or drive under the shade of trees, the view of heart-warming canopies and fresh air for breathing. You also feel that you are in a valuable piece of property. But this is only when the trees are well maintained; otherwise they are only a liability to you and can be quite unwelcoming.

Our job at Tree Inc. LLC is to make sure that any trees you have in your compound are valuable assets and that they don’t pose any danger. We are professional tree cutting and removal experts who ensure that your compound is in its safest and best-looking state.

Tree Inc. LLC provides the following services to the people of Delaware:

· Stump grinding/removal

· Complete tree removal

· Tree trimming

· Snowplowing

· Land clearing

· All tree and snow removal emergency services

Stump Grinding and Removal

Your residence looks great. Every square foot of the lawn has been cleaned, watered and shaped to the finest detail, except around that annoying stump over there.

If the only reason you still have that tree stump is that you cannot remove it, let us help you get the unsightly remnant from your property. It is doing your lawn more harm than good, and poses a potential risk of injury to those who find themselves in the compound.

Depending on what you want and what’s best for your lawn, we can grind the stump or remove it completely. Large and unwanted shrubs can also be dug out so that your new landscaping project is successful.

And if you aren’t sure why you should have the tree stumps removed, here are the most common reasons our customers cite when they call:

  • Roots from the stump are growing into the home’s plumbing
  • The stump is interfering with the nice carpet of grass covering the lawn
  • Termites and fire ants have found a home in or on the stump
  • It is making landscaping and fencing difficult

We will come with the right equipment and safely remove that pesky stump. All you need to do is call us.

Complete Tree Removal

Should you have a dead, dying or diseased tree on your compound, there’s no other option but to remove it completely. For more than a decade now, Tree Inc. LLC has excelled in all tree removal tasks – including tree felling, tree cutting and hazardous tree removal.

We provide free tree risk assessment to uncover potential issues and determine whether and when the tree should be cut or removed.

No job is too big for us, even that overgrown tree that’s currently giving you constant worries due to its close proximity to the house. Or maybe it’s the almost-falling tree that threatens to block the road or driveway the next moment. You can count on us to handle the unsafe situation so that you can get back to your schedule with peace of mind.

The moment we land on your property with our trucks and mounted cranes, you’ll be sure that our tree removal specialists can handle any tree, wherever it is located and however overgrown the limbs are. With state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained and experienced tree experts, expect the work to be done efficiently and with no damage to the surrounding area.

Tree Trimming Services

Pruning and trimming big trees is a task that should not be taken lightly. It involves deep science of tree biology and identifying plant flaws to make sure that defects are minimized or eliminated and the tree’s health and beauty are unharmed.

If you have trees that need pruning, count on us to masterfully remove deadwood or unwanted limbs so that you can enjoy all the benefits of proper pruning. The tree will grow stronger and healthier, it will enhance the beauty of your home and provide it with stronger defense against high winds and storms. A correctly pruned tree is more resistant to pests and diseases. Thinning the crown and canopy also allows for light and air to penetrate. This benefits the tree itself while also improving your environment.

Our expertise in pruning deadwood, thinning and crown cleaning, elevating lower limbs and clearing limbs off structures is unrivaled. You should experience our services and join the large population of our happy Delaware customers.

Snow Plowing

When winter comes in harshly and unpredictably, quick action is needed. Tree Inc. LLC understands the problems businesses and homes have to deal with when snow pulls a surprise on you and makes people movement and vehicle activities dangerous.

Don’t let the worry of the season get a grip on you or hinder you from performing your daily tasks.

We are the Delaware pros in snow plowing, shoveling, sand/salt applications, and snow removal from roofs, driveways and other locations on the property. A number of local businesses, schools, churches, medical and other institutions as well as residences have contracted us for snow plowing during winter months.

If you’d want a free estimate for this service, please call us and we’ll be more than happy to serve you.

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Middletown, DE is located in Delaware, New Castle in the United States. Following the census conducted in 2010, the town accommodates a total population of 18,710.

One place to visit in Middletown is Silver Lake Park which is the host for many local soccer and baseball teams. In fact, you will top up your happiness if you happen to join or watch the youth leagues as they play. There is also a lot of free space and walking trails where you can walk with your family as well as be in a position to engage in community services going on in this place. Other family fun locations include Westown Movies, Creation Station & Jump On Over.

Annual events in Middletown, DE include the Olde Tyme Peach Festival, M.O.T. Big Ball Marathon, and the Hummer’s Parade.

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