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Complete tree removal is our specialty with quick and reliable stump removal and tree trimming.

Emergency Tree Services



DE Newark Emergency Tree Cutting Tree Inc., LLC

Hazardous weather conditions can potentially cause trees to fall on houses, structures, automobiles, and power lines creating an extremely dangerous situation. At other times these trees may fall down on a highway and therefore paralyzing transport. When such situations happen, they usually call for urgent action. It’s for this reason that Tree inc, LLC has a team of dedicated experts.  We ensure your situation is attended to as quickly as possible and in the most convenient and professional way. Offering 24-hour emergency services and in the least response time.

Tree Trimming

Tree Cutting Newark Tree Inc., LLC DE

Tree cutting usually addresses architectural tree care concerns which help your landscape to flourish. It addresses concerns such as appearance and shape so as to enhance the beauty of your trees and shrubs.
Additionally, tree trimming is essential when it comes to boosting tree health and growth and in preserving the seasonal character and stature that contributes to the value of your property.Again, pruning and trimming services act as a safety measure against diseased and old tree branches that are prone to falling off and help to improve the scenic view of our homes as well as removing obstacles that may block drivers on the roads.

Our skilled and certified arborists will inspect your landscape, detect the arising problems and offer professional help based on their many years of experience. They are available 24/7 and always ready to assist you regardless of the season or time of the day. Give us a call today and enjoy the quality services Tree inc, LLC emergency tree services team has to offer.
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Land Clearing


This is the process of removing areas of trees next to other obstructions to ensure commencement of construction. To do this, you need a qualified company to execute that task at hand. Tree Inc., LLC is well suited for this job. With its quality equipment, you can go ahead with your development on land smoothly. As a developer of properties, you can feel free to approach Tree Inc., LLC for our services. Especially when you want to kickstart your construction of apartments but there are trees and obstructions crippling your undertaking. We are ready to offer our complete assistance.  Call us today at 302-757-3303.

Tree Removal

DE Newark tree removal Tree Inc., LLC


Tree removal and tree cutting are related jobs but slightly different. While tree removal involves completely removing a tree from its position together with its stump, tree cutting involves complete removal of tree limbs and branches and later cutting the tree from its stump by a chainsaw.

However, tree cutting does not necessarily involve stump removal. Tree cutting is a dangerous process and therefore requires a reliable tree cutting Service Company so as to guarantee a clean job. We always offer tree cutting services at affordable prices and in addition, we handle the debris and the excess wood chips so as to leave your yard clean.

Residents in our service areas will receive a quick response from us.  Contact 302-757-3303 to schedule your free estimate.

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At Tree Inc., LLC we have your needs at heart. We promise to give you unmatched and quality services. We are always here to help.



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Newark, DE - History

Newark DE has an interesting heritage with strong links back to the United Kingdom and was originally settled by Scots, Irish and Welsh natives back in 1684 and given official town status in 1758 following a royal decree.

Originally surrounded by farmland, it is now a very popular residential town with many well-established housing developments. Located almost equal distance between Philadelphia and Baltimore,

Delaware itself is bordered by 3 States, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. Newark, DE enjoys a large amount of beautiful natural parklands that provide the perfect opportunity for hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding.  Home to the University of Delaware, Newark DE has a strong link to education and the University has successfully contributed many graduate professionals to the nation’s chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Newark DE also happens to be a critically acclaimed and recognized center of sporting excellence in the world of international figure skating.  Newark, DE itself is serviced by a network of several major highways, a rail station, and the DART first state bus system. The nearest airport to provide domestic and international flights is located in Philadelphia.

What to do in Newark – Fun and Recreation

Newark DE is definitely a town for exploring, being very picturesque and vibrant with its active University community. It’s a scenic town that delivers lots of pretty charm with a very friendly atmosphere.

There are plenty of amenities and activities on offer including hiking through the lush and varied parklands, playing a round of golf at the Carpenter State Park, biking through the fun trails over at White Clay Creek State Park or just kicking back and relaxing, enjoying the music scene on offer. Newark DE is also lucky enough to have a theatre and art gallery so there is plenty of recreational activity to enjoy.

Newark DE is also well served with great shopping and dining venues too, along Main Street and also just outside the town where there is the Christiana Mall which is well serviced by all the usual recognized brand names and stores you’d expect including Walmart, Home Depot, Nordstrom, Macy’s, T J Maxx, JCPenney and Target.

Getting around Newark DE couldn’t be easier. Explore on foot, take your bike on one of the many dedicated cycle lanes or even take your car. There are plenty of parking spaces available. In the evenings the Bike Lane offers a bicycle pedi-cab service that literally runs all over Newark and better still, is free! Just always make sure you tip your driver. All the cycling is hard work even if it is fantastic exercise. Talking of cars, there are also plenty of car dealerships too in Newark DE if you are interested in investing in a new or used set of wheels.

Must See

No visit to Newark DE would be complete without a trip to the University Campus. It boasts a beautiful very handsome looking Georgian inspired set of buildings off a tree lined and picturesque mall.

Visit the Old College Gallery and the Mineralogical Museum or take a walk to the Newark Reservoir where you can enjoy wonderful views of the city and surrounding countryside.

Dining in Newark DE

Because of its strong college vibe there is a host of affordable, interesting and lively places to choose to eat. You literally are spoilt for choice with International cuisine on offer including options ranging from all corners of the globe such as the Middle East, Italy and India. It also goes without saying that as a town with a strong student presence there are plenty of places to grab a beer and enjoy a drink with family and friends.

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