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Our community needed to have several trees trimmed due to them blocking signs and a street light. Being an HOA, we don’t have a lot of funds and having no idea how much this would cost we were concerned that our community wouldn’t be able to afford this. We were recommended to Tree, Inc. We didn’t mention what our budget was and when we received the proposal we were surprised and were able to have the trees trimmed. They did a beautiful job trimming back the trees and cleaning up when they were completed. It has created a better look for our community when you enter. As we are a deed restricted community, a few residents inquired on who did the work so they could use them as well. Residents who have used Tree, Inc. are equally as happy with their work.

Olde Mill Village Board of Directors, Newark, DE

I can not say enough about Tree Inc., and the owner Steve. I called 5 tree companies in DE for what I believed to be a large job that any company would want to look at; 3 large trees in my back yard to be completely removed. The first two companies I had scheduled to come out did not show up never called me to let me know! After calling several times, two days later I finally was able to talk to someone from their company and they told me they didn’t have time to look at my trees.. A complete waste of my time considering I took off a half day of work to meet them at my house. I met with guys from the other two companies, one which had an absurd charge for removing my trees, and the other company come to find out wasn’t even insured! Considering my trees had several branches over my house, I was not going to take any chances. When I met Steve, he showed up at my house when he said he would be there and he was on time! He explained to me exactly how he would take my trees down, how long it would take and even gave me advice on one, instead of fully removing it he suggested taking the dead areas out of it because it was still a healthy tree! I was relieved to hear this because I was upset having to take 3 large trees down on my property. Steve was very pleasant to work with, very professional and gave me a reasonable price for his work. I recommend Steve and Tree Inc. to anyone I hear that needs tree work completed!

Laura, Middletown, DE

We have an oak tree that branches were growing downward instead of upward. We called Tree Inc. and asked them to stop by for an estimate thinking this job might be too small for them. When Steve arrived, what we thought needed to be done to the tree was completely wrong! Steve explained how the tree was supposed to grow and that it didn’t need to have a lot of branches removed and be chopped to bits. He knew how he would maintenance the tree to reshape it and allow it to begin to grow properly again. They were in the middle of a job and asked if they could just pop over when they were working in the area in a few weeks. Since it wasn’t an emergency situation that worked out perfectly. We came home about two weeks later and the only way I knew that they had been there was I noticed the adjustments to the tree that we talked about. They clean up whatever they took down and left my yard the way it was when they arrived. I highly recommend Tree, Inc. Not only for their reasonable prices and work, but for the knowledge that Steve possess. It is rare to find someone that is committed to their talent and passion. It shows in the work. Now we still have my tree in all its fullness and beauty. Another company may have destroyed it.

Jimmie, Newark, DE

My experience with Tree Inc. took my breath away. Those splendid professionals work as an efficient, no-nonsense, tightly knit team –in no time, their harrowing, 100-ft-in-the-air work is done. And totally cleaned up without a twig or leaf remaining.

Steve Samluk is a rock star! He has the equipment, control and expertise to take on the most difficult situations. But before he ever begins, before he ever maneuvers a cherry picker or a rope, he investigates the scene and gives an honest, thorough diagnosis. His knowledge of trees and their health is vast. He can–and does–steer one away from unnecessary pruning. He is the real deal. His prices beat any other tree service I’ve investigated–and I’ve shopped around. His estimates are astonishing: fair and on-target. He is a man of his word, coming in on-time, on-budget, and leaving the area where work was done–even better than he found it.

I call on Tree Inc with complete and utter confidence and recommend Steve Samluk with pride to all my friends and neighbors. [Only wish I had more trees to witness him working his magic.]

Susan, Wilmington, DE