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4 Reasons Helpful Reasons to Plant Trees Around Your Home

Planting trees in your yard means so much more than simply adding aesthetic beauty to your home. Trees are living species that serve many magnificent purposes. Not only are they decorative and ornamental pieces, but they offer wonderful environmental and health benefits. The following are the top benefits of planting trees in your yard:

They protect the environment

There are several ways in which trees protect the environment. First, they improve air quality by absorbing gaseous pollutants and odors in the air. They also hold smoke, dust, ash, and pollen on their surfaces. Besides, trees get rid of carbon dioxide from the air during the day and produce oxygen hence helping to improve the air quality in your home. Planting trees in your yard will help reduce storm water run-off, reduce noise pollution, and preserve water. Trees also serve as a natural habitat for animals and birds. Some trees also offer food sources such as nectar, pollen, fruits and nuts.

Increase home value

Trees give your yard a beautiful and inviting look. They do a lot in improving a home’s curb appeal. Having them in your yard adds tremendous value when looking to put your home on the market. The yard is always the first thing which potential buyers consider when buying property.

Save on energy bills

Trees planted in your yard can block excess sunlight and heat hence providing natural cooling benefits and shade from the hot summer sun. This means you’ll use lesser energy on air conditioning during the hot summer months. Similarly, trees block cold winds during winter hence providing insulation and making your home warmer. This will help to minimize the cold of those chilly winter days. Generally, planting trees in a great investment that offers significant energy saving benefits.

Provides privacy, peace and tranquility

As natural barriers, trees can shield your home from neighbors, noise and other distractions hence giving you a sense of solitude. They also block objectionable and unsightly objects around your yard. Having trees in your yard makes your home feel quiet and calm. Furthermore, tree coverage provides respite from the scorching heat when spending time outdoors. Trees have also been found to have stress-relieving benefits.

Saves money

Nothing can be as costly as keeping your yard in a pristine condition at all times. Planting trees in your yard is a great option as you will not have to plant seasonal plants which die off. A well planted and maintained lawn full of trees can last a lifetime.

Overall, one of the most impactful ways to define and enhance your space is by planting trees in your yard. Certainly, you will enjoy great benefits for many years to come. While trees require maintenance, they are definitely easy to care for than most homeowners think. If you are thinking of planting trees in your yard and you need professional help, then you should contact Tree Care Tips. These experts provide homeowners with professional information on caring for trees and protecting landscapes. For more information, visit them on their website Their experts know which trees are right for your lawn, home and privacy.

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