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Why Do It Yourself Tree Care is Dangerous

It is easy to accomplish some tree care tasks such as mulching, watering, fertilization, and pruning by yourself. However, tree work becomes extremely complicated, highly technical and potentially dangerous as trees grow. For safety reasons, these tree care tasks require experts with the right knowledge, extensive training, and specialized equipment for handling complex tree care situations.

In this article, we will highlight the dangers of DIY tree care, and why you should hire professional arborists to avoid tree-care related accidents. Some of the most common accident factors include:

a. Equipment Failure: Extension ladders pose a lot of danger to untrained users. You can easily tip when using a ladder that does not extend past the branch. Additionally, setting up a ladder on an unsteady ground or object increases your chances of falling off. Many tree care related fatalities occur this way; therefore, consult a tree care expert who understands different aspects of tree growth as well as top-not practices for proper care.

b. Improper tools: Some tree care equipment such as chainsaws, wood chippers, pulleys, and cranes can cause terrible accidents if handled inappropriately. It is easy to lose control of the cutting and trimming tools, which often results in fatal accidents. There are safety measures for every tree care task, as well as protective outfit to minimize potential dangers.

c. Lack of knowledge: DIY tree care puts you at risk of damaging the tree or harming yourself. It is best to leave these tree care tasks in the hands of certified arborists who are well-trained in handling them.

d. Electrocution: Some power lines are hidden inside or behind thick branches. Although tree care professionals can also run into electrical lines, they know when and how to power off the lines to avoid electrocution. Certified arborists are trained and licensed to handle this kind of work. It is highly risky and can easily cause death.

e. Rotting Wood: This is one of the most common accident-causing factors related to DIY tree trimming. When cutting a branch, you might support your weight on rotting wood, and chances are that it will break without warning. Do not risk falling off a tree, instead, be smart enough to let the experts handle it.

Safety is the cornerstone of all tree-care tasks, and certified arborists have professional knowledge and experience necessary for avoiding and mitigating potential hazards. In particular, they are trained to identify tree branches with cracks, decays or unbalance weight. They also know how to avoid overhead electrical wires as well as prevent falls from trees. They can also trim trees without causing property damage or bodily harm.

Although DIY tree care seems simple, arboriculture is a highly complicated field with many risks. If you are working on a tree-trimming project, or require complete tree removal, do not be tempted to handle the job yourself. It might be cheaper but your health and well-being are more important. For high-quality tree-care services, consider getting in touch with an arborist you can trust. They will get the job done affordably and most important, safely.

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